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Earth Goddess Rising Women’s Spiritual Travel Retreats give you a chance to unplug from the ordinary and discover yourself in the extraordinary! From Hawaii Goddess Trips and Spiritual Retreats to yoga and spa vacations in Costa Rica, beach and wine tours in Spain, or Celtic Goddess Tours in Scotland. Come join like-minded solo travelers and meet a few new friends!


Kauai is called The Garden Isle, but we think it’s pure magic! Join us for 7 nights in Kauai, Hawaii this October.

from $2399

7 Nights Lodging + Meals, Programs, Tours, Ground Transportation | Single & Double Occupancy

Hawaii Retreat, 2018

Rejuvenate and awaken your spirit! Surround yourself with other like-minded Goddess in a fun, comfortable and loving environment for Yoga, Dance, Evening Beach Meditations, Sacred Healing Workshops, Fresh Healthy Meals, Relaxing on the Beach and Swimming in the ocean. From lush forests, breathtaking waterfalls, to the warm, sunny beaches among fragrant flowers and fruit trees, awaken your soul and unplug from the ordinary!

What to expect in Kauai

Don't miss out on all the best parts of the island of Kauai. Pack your bags while we take you on a short island adventure