Earth Goddess Rising is a women’s travel company designed for spiritual, conscious women who want to travel and connect with like-minded women. We design groups for women who want to experience travel while connecting with other spiritual, consciously awake women. Our vacations and tours are designed for small groups that average 10-12 guests, while our retreats and weekend workshops may facilitate up to 50 guests.


About Us

Earth Goddess Rising was created in 2012. We set out to create the #1 women’s empowerment website for spirituality, travel, retreats, workshops, ideas, information, inspiration. We are dedicated to sharing experiences, uplifting our soul sisters and encouraging women’s empowerment.

We want to create an empowering and mindful network that supports women who are interested or involved in yoga, organic foods, sustainability, high vibration foods, spiritually-focused businesses, healers, spiritual practitioners, spiritual workshops, classes, theater, film, art, web content, travel, and adventure!

We don’t judge. We accept everyone with open arms and we facilitate events for women to be who they are without judgment. Join us on our Facebook Group


Our Events and Wellness Retreats

Earth Goddess Rising creates memorable content, events, travel, experiences – all designed to heal, uplift and nurture the feminine spirit.

Whether you’re exploring one of our multi-day tours or retreats, a spirit-filled workshop, enjoying a meal with fellow Earth Goddesses, listening to one of our inspiring YouTube videos or podcasts, we invite you to unplug, unwind, tune in and discover your extraordinary self. Come play with us, awaken your spirit and nurture your soul!


Devina St. Claire

Devina St. Claire is the Co-Creator and Founder of Earth Goddess Rising. A true visionary with an adventurous spirit, she imagined a space where women could come together to empower each other. The result was a collaboration with her sister to create Earth Goddess Rising. It has blossomed from a women’s retreat into a complete healing arts platform and producer.

Her own interest in the healing arts, magic and a sense of adventure have created the live retreats and events of EGR.

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