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You think you know what you want, right? “Manifest it”! The gurus keep telling you. But you’re still stuck. “Why doesn’t it work?”, you ask. Let me give you my thoughts on manifesting and the techniques I use to manifest like an ascended master.

Whether you want to change careers, become a consultant, make cool stuff, blog about your favorite things, etc. I am going to say first and foremost: There is plenty of room for you to accomplish this. Welcome to the gig economy! You have a skill that is valuable to others. Everyone does. Even if you think your skill isn’t a skill or it’s “not quite ‘there’ yet”, I encourage you to: recognize it, validate it and then sharpen it. Sharpen it like a samurai sword and invest in yourself. Make yourself as valuable as humanly possible. In fact, see yourself as a Superhero of whatever it is you do. Wake up every morning and whether you’re ‘there’ yet or not, say, “I AM A MASTER AT ______”. Trust me, whatever you state, you will become (not overnight!). This works for better or for worse. So stop saying you’re fat, ugly, broke, can’t find work, etc! Stop the negative self-talk TODAY.

What ‘The Secret’ Isn’t Telling You

We have all heard about The Secret, right? Or Abraham Hicks. Of course! We love those ladies. But so often we walk away feeling energized and then a few days or weeks later, we feel discouraged because we are expecting something to fall from the sky. What message are they leaving with us? Are we missing something? That seems to be the question I hear from audience members all the time. And it frustrates me because manifesting what we want is not so hard to achieve if we’re willing to be open or do the work. As Jim Carrey stated in an interview with Oprah: “You can’t just say ‘I want to be an actor’ and then go eat a sandwich”. 

There’s no secret to The Secret. The book and movie simply state that your thoughts control the universe. Through this “law of attraction” you “manifest” your desires. “It is exactly like placing an order from a catalogue. … You must know that what you want is yours the moment you ask.” “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time, with every person.” The appeal is obvious. Forget education, effort, performance. Everything you want—money, power, comfortable shoes—is yours simply by wanting it enough. – Emily Yoffe

You see, I love the Abraham Hicks and Rhonda Byrne messages, but I feel as though they have left some important elements out of their books and seminars. What makes their business model and philosophy work so well is that they’re addressing valid pain points with the ancient law of the universe philosophy and it’s getting misinterpreted by people who want something (money and success, usually), and want it immediately without doing anything. Or, the people aren’t believing they have the ability or worth to receive it, so as a result, the effort to receive is not put forth. They tell you: “It’s already yours but you’re blocking it”. Ok, that could be true if you believe you aren’t worthy. They essentailly say, “Get into the vortex and it’s yours”. Or, “just think it and let it go and it becomes yours”. What they forget to tell you, or emphasize, is:

  1. Your actions must match your desires
  2. You really need to have incredible faith in yourself. Believe you are a Superhero and Creator of your life. You are a Magician and everything you set out to do comes to pass. Say this all the time, never let doubt take over. Ever.
  3. Avoid negative self-talk. Never speak poorly of yourself, of your life, your surroundings or the people who come into your life. Never say, “I always get ripped off” or “I’m not good at that, or “I don’t ever win at that”. These kinds of phrases should not exist in your world.
  4. Have patience and take action. Believe it is coming to you but work with the universe to facilitate receiving. Jim Carrey is the prime example of a man who has been fearless in his desires and manifests whatever he wants easily. But it didn’t happen overnight. And it won’t for you either. It may take a few months, a few years even. It didn’t happen for Rhonda Byrne or for Abraham Esther Hicks, either. 

My Manifesting Strategy and How it Will Work for You

[My backstory] It took a little over a year to really switch gears in my career. Over 10 years had passed as a fashion designer and in the last year of my fashion career, everything for me had totally shifted. I was no longer interested in doing the corporate fashion nonsense or designing fast fashion clothes. I had been juggling fashion, branding and social media marketing for the last several years. But now I wanted (needed) something that provided more freedom, less stress. I wanted a career that was more fluid. I wanted to do something where I really felt like I was making a positive impact and a difference.

After meditating on it, and having a very honest conversation with myself, I realized my current profession as a fashion designer was going to have to go. I needed to make room for the new future and career I wanted to immerse myself in, which was creative, branding and digital marketing. I struggled with this change pretty bad. Shifting gears in my late 30s-early 40s was freaky. I listened to every TedTalk and YouTube guru I could until it finally sunk in.

The overarching message behind every successful author, businesswoman/man, entrepreneur, public speaker, motivator, etc. was this: Decide. Make yourself valuable, stick to the goal, be patient, believe in yourself 100% (faith) and be willing to do the work. They used The Secret (kind of) to visualize what they wanted. But what made them successful wasn’t just imagining it, but knowing they were going to do something (setting their intention), and sticking to their plan, which allowed their actions to match and be in alignment.

I had already decided: Fashion design was simply not conducive to me earning the kind of money I wanted or working from a warm beach in Hawaii or south France (or anywhere I pleased, for that matter). It was too unstable, stressful; it required me to live in select cities, it came with way too many bulky accessories (fabric, samples, rulers, mannequins, tables, etc.) and most importantly, it no longer made me feel fulfilled. So I got rid of everything in my office that was fashion related and closed the book on that chapter.

I literally just DECIDED, and it changed my course. My actions matched my decision.


If you want to soar with eagles, you can’t peck with chickens. – Dad


After the big decision, and after I kind of went into autopilot and started purging all of the things in my life that didn’t serve or match to the end goal, my office space was now clutter free and I no longer had the weight of dead, expensive projects hanging around my neck. With the fat trimmed, I was able to concentrate on the meat of my goal. It was now time to hunker down and work on my other skillset: Me, as a Digital Media Marketer.

Switching tracks in your career may not be easy, but for me, it was fun. It wasn’t entirely new territory for me either. I had been doing it all along, just not as a profession for others, per se.

Yep. It was scary sometimes, and I had issues with identity because I had been tied to fashion for so long. But I believed in myself enough to know I had this. Over the course of the next two years, I read every article or book I could get my hands on about digital marketing and social media, I plugged away with blogging, building WordPress websites, creative content, commercials, and even learned how to make passive income with eBooks and affiliate networks; I learned SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and got pretty darn good at social media marketing. I was now deep in the trenches of digital marketing! Within a year of switching my career and launching my media company, I had three clients and several short-term contracts. I was already making triple what I used to make.


What you want, who you want to be, or the life you want to live isn’t just about thinking about itasking and hoping for your wish or prayer to be grantednor is it about negotiation: (ex.) “When I retire, I’ll be able to do this”, or, “When I have money, I can do that”, “Maybe if he’d do this, I could do that”.

It’s about YOU being the ultimate creator of YOUR life and story. It’s about you knowing the power of change and creation lies in YOU. Doesn’t that just sound and feel awesome and limitless? Good, because that’s exactly what it is! Don’t overthink it. Creation begins with a statement of “I AM ______ (fill in the blank with whatever it is you want to be/or do). And allowing and aligning your actions to match the statement.

My ‘I Am’ in 2016 was this, “I am earning $5,000 per month and earning $100K per year by the end of 2017.” When I said this, I honestly had no idea how I just knew I would. And I hoped it would be from my new career as a Social Media Marketer. In fact, I was sure it would be. It was my BIG GOAL, after all. And a Digital Marketer is who I said I was, so the rest had to follow, right? Right. Of course, it did. Because I kept plugging away with my skillsets, knocking on doors and keeping the faith that I was a badass digital marketer.


Define what your BIG GOAL is and envision it (to travel, be financially independent and earning $20,000 per month, quit your day job, start a business, etc). See it, smell it, feel it, BE it. Really take it all in and try it on. Don’t let your mind wander to the fears. Acknowledge and be OK with decisions that may mean change or have sacrifices. See the positive aspects of the life you want to live. Everything we do has tradeoffs. If you are not OK with those tradeoffs, explore the reasons why. If they are unhealthy reasons, discard them. Manifesting what you really want will not come from your fears.

Once you define THE BIG GOAL, all of the little goal steps you make along the way will be in alignment with THE BIG GOAL. Or at least, they should be. If you are faced with a decision about something, ask yourself, “Is this in alignment with where I want to go”? If it isn’t, throw it out. Stay the course!

Your actions MUST match your goals. Ask yourself this question whenever you arent certain: Does this serve my end goal?

For example, if you want to take a direct trip to Los Angeles, California, you wouldn’t take a highway up to Montreal, Canada, would you? The same is true with your end goal. Once you’ve made your mind up for what THAT is, all decisions, actions, goals should match with your end result. Once you tell your brain where you want to go, it (and the universe) will help you in getting there. Be patient, have faith. KNOW that it is working with you and for you to manifest itself.

When we decide to be or do something, our brain not only sets us up to go in that direction, but we find we are accomplishing every goal along the way that leads to the big goal. Call it energetic or a universal law. If you find yourself all over the place, it’s most likely because your goals and thoughts are all over the place. Remember, wherever your thoughts go, energy flows. If you keep changing up the story, the road trip is gonna be a long one before you finally get to LA (or wherever you want to go). 

What do you want to experience?

If you find yourself changing your course often or feeling confused, ask yourself not what you want to do, but what it is you want to feel or experience. Many times, we find ourselves floundering because we are lacking something deeper and more emotional. Perhaps we are looking to address an emotional need and we do this by trying to replace it with oddly shaped goals, people who may not be good for us, tangible stuff or projects.



1. Deciding what you want – Decision is a powerful action. Do it without hesitation.

2. Speaking it into creation – Don’t allow for negotiation on who or what you want to do, or be. Speak it. It is yours.

3. Committing to that creation/goal 100% – This means staying focused; commit yourself to become valuable in whatever it is you want to do or be. Hone your skills, learn everything you need to learn. Honing your skills is your “side hustle”.

4. Knowing it is yours and staying the course – It may be scary or tiresome sometimes, but you have to keep pushing forward, knowing it’s coming, knowing it’s working itself out. HAVE FAITH.


My goal when I changed careers was to be working for myself, to create financial stability making 6 figures. Before the first year was over, I was 3/4 of the way there. And in less than 2 years, I have grown into a small but successful media and marketing company. I am living proof that you can achieve what you want and manifest like the gurus. This is why I have shared this very personal story and philosophy with you. I am hoping it will reach whomever it needs to reach at the right time because I believe in serendipity.

You are infinite.
Get out there and be fearless, write the story of your life.


Do you have a similar story? We want to hear about it!


This article contribution was written by Ava Carmichael, a Fashion Designer turned Creative Director of her own successful Digital Media Agency.


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