Until We Lose Ourselves, There is No Hope of Finding Ourselves – Henry Miller

The first time I saw this quote, I was in a taxi in New York City for the first time. It spoke volumes to me. It was the first time in a long time where I had completely let go, surrendered to whatever was meant for me. The spontaneous ebb and flow of those 3 weeks were incredible and a trip I will forever remember.

We sometimes go along with the status quo of life (the same job we dislike, stagnant relationships, mindless daily habits) because we can’t figure how to change our situation. We are afraid of change. We are caught up in the responsibilities of our life, the inertia. This can go on for years until we end up lost or wondering, “who have I become?”, or “what do I do now?” Sometimes we don’t even know we are lost until something jolts us into the present moment. It wakes us and shakes us into making big changes, big decisions. Often times, these decisions have been nagging at us for months or even years. But we go back to that comfortable place that feels familiar, even when it’s unhealthy.

This year, we invite you to be courageous. To take a few chances, to say ‘Yes’, when you’d rather say ‘No’ and hide. Accept help if you need it, make a big leap, do something different. Find your tribe. Fall in love with yourself and with life. Find yourself somewhere different. Lose yourself in travel, allow yourself to be uncomfortable, to surrender.