Remembering a Twin Flame from a Past Life

This is a follow up to my previous entry regarding a past life experience that has haunted me my entire life. I have received much clarity about my life as Sarah Jennings Churchill. The subject keeps coming up on many message boards, and in circles about whether or not we are reunited with a Twin Flame from a past life.

Past Life Regression Therapy to Reveal Twin Flames

I had several regressions with a Delores Cannon-trained hypnotherapist to find answers. This last regression gave me the most clarity as to the reasons this particular lifetime corresponds to my life today.

It has to do with something called the Twin Flame or Soulmate journey. Many people will say they are two different things but I don’t want to label the deep soul/spiritual connection we have with another, so I will use these terms interchangeably due to the word “twin flame” freaking most people out.

My Experience in Past Life Regression Therapy

I was nine years old when I recalled my first memory of John (Sarah’s husband) from my previous life. The vision occurred while I was watching a show based in 1700’s England. I recalled the conversations we once shared. One very emotional and passionate conversation was the night he died in my arms, close to my heart. With tears in my eyes, I told him that if we ever lived again, I would find him. Perhaps I unknowingly set in motion a karmic tie that needed to play out with a continuation of this life. I realized I had been searching for him my whole life.

One hypnosis session took me to the time when he and I almost ended our marriage. I was deeply hurt. After 24 years of marriage, I found out he was having affairs with multiple women. The betrayal of your best friend, confidant and lover is a hard pill to swallow even if on some level you understand their motivation (he wanted what he wanted).  I would describe John as a rockstar before rockstars existed, women threw themselves at him.  When you are the (handsome) Duke of Marlborough, you can pretty much have whomever you want. It nearly destroyed our marriage.

The next scene I went to was when I was dying, there seemed to be three to four people in the room with me. I could see myself laying in bed wearing a velvet robe and my attention went to my old wrinkled hands with visible veins sticking out (it ended there). It was a peaceful transition.

I decided to have another hypnosis session (in March 2018). This time I was transported to a time when John and I were walking side by side, arm in arm, looking up at the stained glass windows in a Cathedral that looked to be Westminster Abbey today. I also went to a scene where he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. He had his desk in there and the room appeared decorated (as odd as this sounds). It felt as if I was able to pay someone off to sneak a visit with him without anyone knowing.

What Past Lives Reveal

The importance of this lifetime was revealed to me. We were indeed twin souls that came together for the purpose of creating amazing things together, and yes, l will admit I loved him the most. When your soul has a subconscious memory of this special connection with another human, you will most certainly look for it again.

We were twins-souls that came together for a particular purpose, we both started out in life with nothing in the way of money or status. He began his career as a page and I was someone sent to work in the royal house that would later become a great woman of power next to the Queen of England.  Both of us are master manifestors that agreed to come together and create an amazing life out of nothing.  I now understand my life purpose is to teach others how to manifest and create the life of their dreams just as I have.

Twin Flame vs. False Twin Flame

Do not let the “twin flame” label scare you, I hear so much negativity about how it’s the most intense and hardest relationship out there. There are false twin flames too and I believe most people will meet those first. The danger in believing the false twin is your true love is it can get you off track and push you into the dark night of the soul. Why would your true love ever reject you?  No matter if you experience a true love connection or a false one (rejection), it should be a catalyst for your greater good. Please, do yourself a favor and let it go. (I will share my false twin story another time. I will say he was so similar to the real one that I couldn’t tell the difference at the time.)

Are Twin Flames Always Reunited?

This question is debatable and better left up to personal experience and interpretation. For one, if your twin isn’t manifesting light in your life and causing you to be the best version of yourself, then it isn’t the connection you’re looking for, nor may it be worth fighting for.

If you are a “twin flame”, then your purpose is to serve the greater good of humanity and create! Start creating your best reality today. If by chance, you agreed to come together with this person (soulmate/twin-flame) in this lifetime, and you haven’t met them yet, trust the higher order of the Universe. It will happen in divine timing. I am not sure if I will ever find “John” in this lifetime, but I trust that if we agreed to do so, I will.


Blessing of love,