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For Wednesday’s thoughts, I am going to leave you with ‘The 6 Human Needs’.  Whether we know it or not, everything we do, all decisions, motivations are fueled by one or many of these basic human needs:

  1. Certainty – The need for stability, safety and comfort.
  2. Variety – The need for stimulus and change.
  3. Significance- the need to be special and worthy of attention
  4. Connection & Love – The need for connection with others and ultimately the need to love and be loved.
  5. Growth –The need to develop and expand.
  6. Contribution – The need to give beyond yourself.

In order to understand any behavior, whether it is someone else’s behavior or your own, it is important to understand what need you are craving or trying to meet.  For example, it is one thing to try to make money out of the need to feel significance and it is another to try to make money out of a sense of contribution and  growth (personal or financial).  It is important to understand the deeper motivations for why we do what we do and respond the way we do.

Spend today pondering this and ask yourself all of the important questions that need asking.


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